What are we doing?

What are we doing? Well hmmmm we are traveling the US in a large diesel pusher in an effort to hike every mile we possibly can while we’re still young! This blog has been created mostly to share our experiences with family and friends while we travel around this crazy beautiful country! We will also be sharing advice on living/traveling full-time with an infant and puppy! Before starting the blog, I was certain that I couldn’t write anything that would be interesting enough to read; I’m still not sure, but it is a lot of fun writing and it’ll be a great way to document our travels for Charlotte to read when she get’s older!

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Who are we?

Well, in short, we’re a family of five; Brent, Cristina, Taelyn, Charlotte and Teddy!

Long story is that we’re two adventuring soul’s that met via Tinder in Ogden, Utah. We dated for a few months when we realized that we had each found our soul mate; we quickly started a family and were married before we knew each other two years. Before we met, I (Cristina) had given up on the idea of love and having kids, moved to Utah to live near my nieces and nephew and travel the world. Brent was a wanderer that laid roots in Utah to be near his daughter, Taelyn, who needed and wanted her daddy close by. Taelyn is a fun, smart and crazily cool teenager that lives at home full-time with her mom. Charlotte is the tiniest of the bunch; a baby girl who changed everything and anything we thought we knew about life! Teddy is our very active pup, an Airedale Terrier.

When Charlotte was two months old and I was still on maternity leave, we took a road trip from Salt Lake City to Ontario, Canada and stopped along the way to introduce Charlotte to her extended family. After a few weeks we returned home with even more wanderlust than ever before! At that point we started the planning/talking phase of hitting the road full-time.

That phase then leads us to our first blog post EVER!